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Wentworth Says...

The wise man eats his fries first, that the last bite savored might be a bite of burger.

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Burger: The Hazening

Big ol' blog Kotaku (which I thought was only about video games, but I guess not!) has this story about a police sergeant in Osaka, Japan who Read More »

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The Smokestack at Main Street Burger Shoppe

...There's fire!

The Smokestack is a phenome of a burg. I've never experienced that caliber of smokey flavor on any burger, let alone one that was cooked by my preferred method (on a flat cooktop)....

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Burger Derby is a hamburger review community, based in Toronto. Our hunger for delicious bovines is ceaseless. If you want to find the top ten burgers in Toronto, you've come to the right place.

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