You love burgers. A lot. You should probably marry a burger – or at least keep a harem of them in a lush garden somewhere. Who are we kidding? You probably already have a secret burger garden – that's how much you love burgers.

That's why you're here, and that's why we're here.

Your love of burgers drove you to ask the omniscient Oracle at Google "where can I find the best burger ever?" or "what's the hippest burger community on the interwebs?" or even "give me a burger, Google, give me a burger RIGHT NOW!", and you found us. Don't worry – we won't question your sanity any more than the tiny people who live in your belly button do. Because WE LOVE BURGERS JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

We built this site so that burger enthusiasts like you could have a place to come and be among your own. So create an account, join a group, find, eat and rate burgers – it's what you were meant to do. I mean, just look at you – you're probably eating a burger right now – and if you're not, shouldn't you be?