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"Us" is us, the people who conceived of, built and maintain BurgerDerby.com and the Burger Derby application, a.k.a. The Burger Derby Organization. "You" is you, the people who use BurgerDerby.com and the Burger Derby application. "The Site" is BurgerDerby.com – c'mon, that should have been obvious. "The App" is any version or iteration of the Burger Derby application (mobile or otherwise) for any platform.


  • The site, the app, and all non-personal content they each contain belong to us.
  • Non-personal content includes burger and joint rating data, user reviews, forum posts and comments.
  • Personal content that you submit, such as your contact information and personal details belong to you; we won't sell or profit from it in any way. Seriously guys, it's just for the fun social aspect of the site and the app.
  • Certain personal information you submit must be public, and some can be private. Where possible, you'll have the option to keep stuff private. So you can be all mysterious and stuff.
  • As far as ownership of information and privacy of your info – we feel this is as cut and dry as we need to be. Cool? Cool.

We're located in sunny Canada, and therefore we follow Canadian laws when it comes to how we get in touch with you.

  • You'll choose whether or not you want us to be able to email you (we promise it won't be a lot), and what kind of notifications you'll get.
  • You'll be able to unsubscribe whenever you want to.
  • In order to use the site and the app, you'll need to register a username and password with us. We'll keep that info on file, but we won't ever look at it. Not that it would make a difference; paswords are "salted" and encrypted using the SHA1 hashing algorithm. Cross our hearts. We have robots to look at it for us.


  • Be cool. Don't post anything that could reasonably be considered hateful. Respect your fellow Burger Derbists and the various groups they may represent.
  • Don't submit anything that you don't have the right to submit. If you're quoting, keep it within the limits of fair use, and make sure you give credit where credit is due.
  • If you post a picture, make sure you either took it yourself, or have express permission from the person who did.
  • We don't mind the swears, and we're cool with a good joke, as long as it doesn't bump heads with 5.a. up there. But don't even think about posting anything pornographic (text, image, or video based).
  • Failure to do any of the above (section 5.) will be mean curtains for your participation in all things Burger Derby, unless you're the Burger's Priest; he can do pretty much whatever he wants (actually I guess he still has to answer to the Burger's Pope, and then to the Burger God). Anyway, we reserve the right to ban you like you've never been banned before. You won't even remember you were ever cool enough to be part of something as incredible as Burger Derby.
  • If you misuse the site or the app, we're not responsible for what may happen. Even if the result of your misuse is a reversal of the fabric of reality that brings about a world in which burgers eat humans.

We don't make any guarantees about the validity, appropriateness, accuracy, reliability, usefulness, completeness, or timeliness of any of the content on the site or the app.