The Burger Derby Manifesto

We at Burger Derby firmly believe that every significant social movement deserves its own semi-ridiculous slang. To that end we're inserting the words "burg" and "derb" into the English language.

  • Burg – noun – A hamburger. "I rated a most delectable burg on"
  • Derb – verb – 1. To eat a hamburger. 2. To eat a hamburger and then rate it on "I derbed on a burg last night – it was inSANE"

It says it right under the name of the site, but it bears repeating. Burger Derby is about hamburgers – meaning a traditional burger made from an all-beef patty, with some exceptions. Those exceptions do not include veggie burgers, chicken burgers, or any other kind of food that is more properly called a sandwich. You will find the occasional bison, elk, or lamb burger, for example. Red meat from an animal of the pecoran persuasion. That's where we firmly draw the line.

Lastly, Burger Derby is about the burgers themselves, not the restaurants you find them in. That's why we rate individual burgs irrespective of their joint. It's entirely possible that the best rated and worst rated burgs on the site could come from the same joint. It's not likely, but it's possible. So when you derb a burg, approach it as an individual entity – disconnected from its environment and its menu-mates.

That being said, we intend for Burger Derby to be the tool you use to locate a great place to eat burgers near you. With that end in mind, burger joints are assigned aggregate ratings based on the average scores of the burgs on their menus. Mmmm – meat math.

Derb on, Burger Derbists, derb on.