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About the joint

Apache Burger has been a beloved part of the Etobicoke community since 1969. It has substantial reputation, and a long history. Inside is a wall oh photos extolling it as the best burger joint in the GTA. For what it's worth, it seems to be Tie Domi's favourite joint.

It's not quite a 50's diner. More, an 80's affectation of a 50's diner. The menus board are, of course, written in the kitschiest of scripts, Gilles Gothic. The stale photos of burgs seem to have remained untouched since before I was born. And of course, they don't have a website, or Twitter account. 

They're open until 2am most nights, and 3am on weekends, so if you're partying hard, Apache's got your back.

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I should have got the pemican instead.

by benjamin on April 19th, 2013

It seems like everyday, someone's Tweeting about how they're dying to get to Apache Burger. So on my way to pick up some friends from YYZ, I decided to stop in. There was a surprisingly long line considering how small the joint is, and given the fact that it was 3:50 on a Saturday afternoon. People continued to stream in.

The staff seemed kinda grumpy and indifferent. Meh.

$9.95 got me a Banquet Burger and a healthy portion of fresh-cut fries. While the fries were no horrible, it was a very underwhelming burg. The smashed and crumbly bun wasted no time in falling apart. The patty was clearly from frozen, not made fresh (is it so hard?!).

Apache is what you'd expect from a joint that's riding nostalgia's coattails into eventual irrelevancy. While every community needs these kinds of historic institutitions, there's no excuse for them to stop caring about the food the make. It's possible to make a greasy, diner-style burg with fresh, quality ingredients.

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