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The Hamburger at Archeo Trattoria


Archeo Trattoria



About the joint

Archeo is a fantastic restaurant located in the Distillery District. Clad in the timber and concrete of the Victorian-era building it's housed in, and partitioned with massive black and white prints of the same, Archeo offers a variety of excellent Itallian-French fusion dishes for reasonable prices.

There's always something interesting to try on their highly-seasonal and local menu.

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Could have been much better

by benjamin on March 2nd, 2012

Having dined at Archeo many times before and enjoyed every dish I'd had there, I decided to derb. So, I ordered their hamburger. It was topped with prosciutto, mushrooms, basil aioli, and provolone.

There's not much to say. It was a so-so burg. Unremarkable and not memorable. I really have no need to order another. I was a bit disappointed. I'm used to finer fare from Archeo.

A side note I asked my waiter for malt vinegar to put on my fries... and they didn't have any! It struck me as odd that a joint serving burgs with fries wouldn't have a staple condiment. Not acceptable!

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