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Located just south of Yonge and Eg and within less than a kilometer radius of South St., The Gourmet Burger, Burger Shack and Terra Burger, Bamburger is the reigning champ in the area. With a simple yet diverse menu of burgers and burger variants, Bamburger has a lot to boast about. Bamburger has awesome shakes, fresh cut chip truck style fries and a relaxed atmosphere where you can be confident that you'll get a great burger every time.

With an extremely wide variety of toppings so great I'll simply refer you to the menu. Bamburger is like the Harvey's of gourmet burgers, right down to offering hot dogs. With a great selection of salads, sandwhiches and vegetarian options, Bamburger will probably satisfy the needs of any group.

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Shove this in Emeril's Mouth

by theroan on April 9th, 2012

The bamburger isn't the best burger in Toronto, but it certainly can hold its own with the greats in the city. The Bamburger is charbroiled and cooked like the chef read your mind. I'd been to Bamburger before, but it was very crowded this time around, it was nice to see that the city has begun to embrace it. The burger has a fresh homemade style but if you knew someone who made it, you would live with them forever. Served fresh with a touch of pink in the middle, the bamburger delivers on taste. You have a choice of a white or whole wheat bun, I chose the latter and had to check to make sure because it was so soft.

Though a great burger, it does have its draw backs. It’s not the most juicy of burgers, I found myself dipping it in ketchup to moisten it up. Furthermore, when I was done I still wanted more; the claim of 1/3 of a pound must be uncooked because it didn't seem all that substantial. To its credit, its very welled spiced and I only order my burgers with ketchup, had I ordered any number of the phenomenal toppings, maybe I would have had a different experience.

The bamburger is a great burger in a great part of town. It’s a relaxed place with nothing to prove, so go as you are and enjoy a great burger.

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