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About the joint

This fantastic resto is just north of Wellesly on Yonge Street. They have what seems like a million beers to choose from – a craft brewer's dream. But burgs? Who knew. They have a light menu, but a decent selection of burgs, and even come offerings from the Cervidae family.

If you're in the area (and don't mind a bit of a wait... they get busy fast) check them out!

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Show the beef... or not

by benjamin on April 10th, 2012

This was my first elk burger... and it probably won't be my last!

This burg came with a side of tortilla chips, a salad, and a pickle on the side. The whole thing was served on a wooden plank (sorry derbists, I deleted the photo by mistake but trust me, the presentation and plating was top notch).

The bun was nice and soft, and there was a really great chutney (I assume made from the onions, peppers, and green tomato mentioned in the menu). The pepper added a bright and unexpected pop of flavour.

Everything tasted fresh, and the ingredients all seemed top quality. One down side: the burger did seem a tad on the small side, especially given the steep price. Any true derbist will tell you that price is no object, but when things start to creep above $15, the burg had better be made of magic. Who are we kidding, all burgers are partly magic!

And how was it eating elk? Surprisingly similar to beouf! Slightly more gamey, but really not a drastic departure from cow. All in all, a decent burg. Recommended.

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