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A local (Toronto) chain of upscale, western-central European gastropubs, The Bier Markt proudly boasts a list of over 150 beers from all over Europe. Its menu is no slouch either, from flatbreads that might as well be gourmet pizzas to cheese fondues, charcuterie platters, and several choice, germanic entrees. Every item on the menu features no less than four recommended beer pairings. They're that serious about it.

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It Sounds Crunchy - But it's Not

by basil on February 20th, 2013

The Bier Markt has one burger on their menu, The T-Bone Burger. It's a 10oz, hand-formed patty on a plain (maybe a hint eggy) bun, topped with bacon, onion, lettuce and tomato with condiments on the side. It comes with a small serving of french fries which aren't anything to lose your mind over, but they were better than your standard pub fries.

The patty is advertised as kobe beef, and the question of how strict the regulations are on beef classification aside, this was quality beef. You can tell from the flavor that the animal was at least partially grass-fed, which is always a plus, and the fat to meat ratio was right where it should be - enough of the good stuff to kick the tastiness up a notch without being a greasy mess.

The best thing about the T-Bone Burger is that it's cooked to order. When I hear the words, "how do you want it cooked?" while I'm ordering a burger, I know I'm in for something better than average. I'm a savage carnivore, you see, and I pretty much believe that the best way to eat meat is as raw as is considered non-lethal by the health and safety authorities. I had my burger rare, and it was delicious. I tried a bit of my wife's very well done patty, and while it lacked considerably in texture and flavor stacked up against my rare one, it was still a stand-up burg, so no matter how you order this one, you probably won't be disappointed.

Condiments are served on the side, including ketchup, dijon mustard and a house sauce that tasted like someone had put a healthy splash of vinegar in some really good homemade bbq sauce, not at all unpleasant. I removed the offending salad ingredients (lettuce and tomato just get in the way) from my burg, and just spread a little of the mustard on the bun. It was fantastic. I can't say I've ever had better bacon on a hamburger, and the onion blended with the beef and mustard so well I didn't even know it was there.

I was surprised there was no option to add cheese to this burger, considering how heavily cheese was featured on the rest of the menu (a cheese plate, TWO fondues!?), but, strangely, I didn't miss it all that much. I don't doubt that the right cheese would have made the burger better, but it doesn't suffer much from the lacking. It's a pricey burger, and there are less expensive ways to get a similar burger experience in Toronto (namely Allen's), but if you're heading to the Bier Markt, you won't go wrong with the T-Bone. It's quality, without question.

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