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Big Smoke is emerging as one of Toronto's leading burger chains. Along side their normal grain-fed patties, they also offer organic, grass-fed beef. Huzzah! Fresh toppings, great atmosphere, Boylan's soda, killer fries. What's not to like? With several locations in the USA, and several more in other parts of the globe, it looks like Big Smoke is here to stay... and Toronto Derbists are thrilled.

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Avocadon't Mind if I Do

by basil on March 24th, 2013

Big Smoke knows how to serve up a great burger. Beefy, not too greasy, and filling. Any burg there is going to be a solid bet.

I grabbed the Blue Burger because I'm a slave to avocado - I absolutely love the stuff - might just be the best fruit on the planet. I was curious to see how it paired up with gorgonzola (a type of sharp, blue cheese) which I'm not normally a fan of. Well, that's not true - I like it, but in very small doses or as part of a sauce for my wings. I usually find larger amounts to be a bit too forte if you know what I mean. The avocado (which I think is marinated in a bit of lime juice) did wonders to cut the sharpness of the cheese. The rich, smooth flavor or the avocado and the tangy sharp tones of the gorgonzola blended perfectly on top of the beefy, burger base.

That being said - Big Smoke's buns like to fall apart (they're on the dry, crumbly side), and the burger as a whole lacks some of the magic you can find at other joints.

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by mackeye on January 29th, 2012

I just had nuthin to say.



by on January 29th, 2012

I just had nuthin to say.

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