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Big Smoke is emerging as one of Toronto's leading burger chains. Along side their normal grain-fed patties, they also offer organic, grass-fed beef. Huzzah! Fresh toppings, great atmosphere, Boylan's soda, killer fries. What's not to like? With several locations in the USA, and several more in other parts of the globe, it looks like Big Smoke is here to stay... and Toronto Derbists are thrilled.

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Big smoke is a big deal

by benjamin on February 23rd, 2012

Oh I how I love thee. This burg taught me just how much of a distraction vegetables can be. Let me explain how. The Classic Burger was in the mix for the Inaugural Derby, and won by a large margin. Some time later, I found my way to a Big Smoke hoping to relive that initial, succulent experience. I ordered a Cheese Burger, sat down, and with nearly intolerable levels of anticipation, took a bite.


Something was amiss! There were no fireworks. It just tasted like an average burg... what was wrong? The bun and patty were the same, and they're the essence of the burg. Being blessed with a slice of delicious cheddar it should have caused even greater euphoria than the Classic did; certainly not less. Was I in a burg induced trance that first time around? Was I at the wrong Big Smoke? Impossible! I inspected the burg, and everything seemed in order. I looked inside for an answer, and it dawned on me: I realized the state of mind I found myself in was the very same one experiences when eating a salad. You know what I mean: it doesn't necessarily taste bad, but it's unexciting, unpassionate, and something you simply have to endure.

So off came the lettuce and tomato, and I made another pass. With my next bite I was shaken to my core. The Burgness had returned in full force.

Lesson learned. While I believe tomato can, in moderation, complement a burg, that insufferable bract of lettuce will have to look for welcome elsewhere.

What can I say about this burg? It's full of flavour and perfect in almost every way. Few burgs in Toronto can match it, and none, save that most sacred burg from Allens, surpass it.

Edit, Feb 9 2012: Unexpectedly, the Banquet Burger from BQM Burger Shoppe has edged out this burg from Big Smoke.

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