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About the joint

BQM is a gem of a joint. Located on Queen St, just east of the DVP, it has all the quaint charm one expects of a Queen St resto. Its dining area is small, the entire length of one wall featuring a bench made of reclaimed wooden planks. At the front there is a bay window with stools offering a view to the street. Of course, they feature local, naturally raised, hormone and anti-biotic free beef. One gets the feeling at BQM that they've put thought into everything. The fresh-cut fries are great. The pickles are great. Hell, even the ketchup tastes amazing. It could be a case of the atmosphere influencing the senses, but one thing cannot be denied: BQM Burger Shoppe is without question one of Toronto's finest burg joints.

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Please sir, may I have another

by benjamin on February 9th, 2012

Wow. What a burg.

BQM's Banquet Burger is a truly delicious. In a diametrically different experience than I had yesterday at Dangerous Dan's, BQM furnished me with a burg I will long remember. Everything about this burg was top notch. At $15 for the burg and fries, it was a bit steep. But given the location, quality of the burg, generous helping of fries, and sustainability of the meat, it was still a great value.

6oz of local and organic glorious beef, caught in the loving embrace of a squishy sesame seed bun. I was surprised that the cheese was of the American variety, and not "aged cheddar" which seems to be common place in joints like this. I usually hate American cheese, but I have to confess, it was the right choice here.

The flavour of this burg was really in the meat, not sitting on top of it as can often be the case, even with fantastic burgs. It was a deep, hearty flavour.

It was finished with ketchup, dijon, garlic aioli and a tomato (of course, I asked them to hold the lettuce and red onion).

Every bite of this burger was a revelation, full of flavour and a comfort that only a truly excellent burg can bestow. Stop paying for therapy, and get a banquet burger from BQM. All your problems will melt away.

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by on February 13th, 2012

bacon and cheese, deeeelish!

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