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The Riverside at BQM Burger Shoppe


BQM Burger Shoppe



About the joint

BQM is a gem of a joint. Located on Queen St, just east of the DVP, it has all the quaint charm one expects of a Queen St resto. Its dining area is small, the entire length of one wall featuring a bench made of reclaimed wooden planks. At the front there is a bay window with stools offering a view to the street. Of course, they feature local, naturally raised, hormone and anti-biotic free beef. One gets the feeling at BQM that they've put thought into everything. The fresh-cut fries are great. The pickles are great. Hell, even the ketchup tastes amazing. It could be a case of the atmosphere influencing the senses, but one thing cannot be denied: BQM Burger Shoppe is without question one of Toronto's finest burg joints.

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Great Burger

by Heff on April 26th, 2013

This was my first time to BQM Burger Shoppe and I must say it was worth the trip. I ordered the Riverside and it was a great looking and great tasting burger. You know a burger is great when it does not need additional garnishings. The combination of the fresh beef and mozzarella cheese, the bacon, onion ring and especially the garlic aioli were truly a burger lovers oral dream come true. I will definitely be back again. 

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