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The Canyon Cheeseburger at Canyon Creek


Canyon Creek



About the joint

If I had to describe Canyon Creek, I would have to call it a family restaurant, but cut from a better cloth. You will not find nicknacks and attic kitsch festooned about. On par with the Keg and Milestones, Canyon Creek's low lighting and dark wood give the restaurant a cozy atmosphere. Though it is not a burger joint, they certainly know how to whip up a burg.

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A pleasant surprise.

by benjamin on April 9th, 2012

Out for New Year's Eve dinner with friends, and we ended up at Canyon Creek.

Didn't know what to expect when I ordered the burger, but I was pleasantly surprised. The patty was described as being "100% AAA beef." It came with three cheeses: Manitoba aged cheddar, smoked mozzarella, asiago. It came with fries.

Decidedly in the "nice family meal" camp, and less so the "burger joint" one. The price is a bit steep – $14.50 would go further many other places. However, if you find yourself at Canyon Creek, you can't go wrong with the Canyon Creek Cheeseburger.

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