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The Cheddar Fullburger at Dangerous Dan's Diner


Dangerous Dan's Diner



About the joint

Dangerous Dan's is the epitome of "the local dive" Old car seats make up most of the furniture. Old, faded newspaper clippings adorn the walls. It feels kinda... dirty. Of course, these are all what one expects from a local dive. Sitting grimily at the corner of Queen and Broadview across from what is possible the world's dirtiest (and not in the good way) stripclub, Jilly's, Dangerous Dan's adds perfectly to neighbourhood vibe.

Nothing about this place says up scale, so snobby derbists, be warned.

The burgers are huge, the fries are almost definitely frozen Cavendish "Country Cut", and reading the menu one gets the impression that they won't be satisfied unless you suffer from a heart attack or diabetes on the premises.

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They're big, we'll give them that

by benjamin on February 8th, 2012

I was on my way to BQM, when I noticed Dangerous Dan's happend to be just down the street. Having never been there, I decided to give DD's a shot instead.

I should have stuck with my original plan.

It's hard to know how to approach a review of a Toronto landmark. These kinds of places have loyal clientele, and as derbists we owe the "local dive" some respect. These are the kinds of spots that make cities fun for derbists.

But as derbists, we also owe each other honest reviews; honest derbs.

What can I say... it's a burger. It's about what you'd expect to come off the grill at any friend's house, so in that regard it wasn't a let down. To be fair, it was a mostly enjoyable burg. There were a few burnt chunks, I'm sure their grill could use a cleaning. The 8oz patty was indeed kingly, though I assume the beef is neither grass-fed, nor organic. Those are the sorts of qualities joints are more than happy to parade around, and not seeing any mention of sustainability anywhere I believe my assumption is sound. The bun was mediocre, and while buns are never the highlight of a burg, they certainly can affect the overall experience.

I can't help but feel DD's reputation stems more from it's gluttonous offering (like the 24oz Colossal Colon Clogger, served with 1/4lb of back and 1/4 of cheese) and less from the pure quality of it's burgs. While certainly better than a standard fast food burg, it will not live up to other burg joints in the area.

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