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The Smokey Bacon Burger at Gourmet Burger Co


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Bacon? What bacon?

by benjamin on May 16th, 2012

As one continues on in the Derbist's Pursuit, one finds fewer and fewer nearby options which have gone underbed. As a derbist, I'm committed to sampling as many burgs (from as many joints) as possible. After all, who knows where that hidden gem will be hiding.

Well, I'll tell you where it isn't: at the corner of Parliament and Carlton.

I had high hopes for the Gourmet Burger Company. This location, while small, was clean with it's white subway tile and dark wood providing a simple yet classy decor.

Apparently, Now Toronto awarded them a Top 10 ranking in TO in 2009; methinks that weekly doth proclaim too much.

To start things off, I was charged for a side of their BBQ sauce. That always irks me considering the real cost of condiments. But this BBQ sauce, said to be homemade, tasted as though it went for a stroll on the Silk Road and got lost somewhere in Kashmir. It had a completely bizarre flavour profile, almost like they'd just bought off the shelf sauce and dumped in some kind of Indian spice mix. No thanks.

Most notably missing from the Smokey Bacon Burger was the bacon! There were two scant strips of rice paper thin bacon, which bore a striking resemblance to Ready Crisp. Shameful. The gouda seemed to have a processed quality about it, though gouda can sometimes seem that way. The patty was completely unremarkable.

And, for all of GBC's sins, I've not yet reached the worst of them.

This is one of those depressing situations where the bun really was the deal breaker. It was crusty, but not in that fresh kaiser or ciabatta sort of way. It was crusty in that, almost-a-crouton, day old sort of way. Sadness. Such bleak, hopeless sadness.

The surprising thing about the burg is that it got more and more unremarkable as I ate; perhaps the feeling of having been cheated out $7 just took a while to settle in.

I've learned my lesson for east end derbs; my regrettable decision to try Dangerous Dan's, and this recent mis-derb, have closed the matter for me; No Bull is far and away the best for Corktown and Cabbagetown. But THE hands down champ of the east end is BQM.

3.5 Gourmet Burger Co. 3.5

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