Great Burger Kitchen

Great Burger Kitchen 8.5/10


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Great Burger Kitchen





About the joint

Connected to Hanks and the Wine Bar at the corner of Church and Esplanade, the Great Burger Kitchen is a fantastic joint. They have local art for sale, use top notch ingredients, are fully licensed, and have interesting menu options; their GBK Poutine looks amazing: pulled pork and goat cheese. Their GBK sauce is a great take on the "Big Mac" style sauce. A chipotle mayo with just the right amount of heat. Great great great.

Of course, the burgers themselves are marvellous. While not strictly burgs, their lamb burger, portobello burger, and veggie quinois burgers are sure to keep the hippies happy.

The only complaints I had was that when I went, there were no pepper shakers on any of the tables (catsup, salt, and malt... no pepper). Also, my fries – while fresh cut and extremely delicious – were all teeny tiny nibs. Maybe they use smaller potatoes or I caught the tail end of a batch. Next time I'll be sure to ask for a fork. Regardless, there are not enough good things about GBK. It's a must derb.