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About the joint

"You're road-tripping down the Trans-Canada Highway; you get a hunger on between Milverton and Wawa; where you gonna strap on a feed bag, huh? Harvey's! 'Over 12,000 served'!"

Harvey's is the second-largest Canadian-established restaurant chain behind Tim Hortons, and is the fourth-largest burger chain in Canada. In contrast to other national chains, Harvey's has a few features that set them apart. Burgers are typically cooked to order and you can customize your burger with over 13 different toppings. In addition, Harvey's may be one of the last sit down restaurants still serving Hot Dogs. You can also enjoy veggie burgers, chicken burgers, poutine, fries, onion rings or better yet both!

The fries are more akin to Burger King opposed to McDonald's, which is a good or bad thing based on your preference.

A shame they cancelled free burger day, it would be a derbist's national holiday.

Official Reviews



Dry, flavourless pucks of reconstituted beef slurry.

by benjamin on April 11th, 2013

This will be a short review. The quality of a burg from Harvey's is about what you'd expect from a hospital cafeteria. Given that Harvey's is owned and operated by food-service megalith Cara Foods, that should come as no surprise.

The beef patties they use are dry, flavourless pucks of reconstituted beef slurry, and yet, they don't taste like beef. In fact they don't taste like much of anything. I imagine they'd be somewhat akin to the protein wafers that will get fed to the clone astronauts we'll send on missions to Alpha Centauri 150 years from now.

Or dog food. Probably closer to dog food.

I'm still astonished at the complete lack of any quality that could be remotely akin to that of "juiciness." Truly, it seems like you'd actually have to put in extra effort to make a burg this bad. Why do I say that? For the simple reason that if you grabbed any box of frozen burgs from the grocery store, you'd have a supremely better burg. How could they get it this wrong? What is Harvey's messing up so badly in the processing of these patties that a yellow box of No Frills patties are vastly superior?

Jay rated this a 3.4, so why rock the boat. Don't ever spend money on burgs this bad. You have no excuse.



Harvey's makes a hamburer, but it ain't that beautiful.

by theroan on February 28th, 2012

Original Burger

Harvey's always makes me feel a little nostalgic. When I was 10 or 11 I went to a summer camp and for dinner one night we got to cook our own burgers. We were given apple juice cans with the bottoms cut out and we put kindling in them and cooked away. I felt pretty manly and never forgot that day. The story goes to show that even when a burger is terrible, the experience can make it amazing.

In my adulthood, that feeling has continued. Primarily because the Harvey's burger actually tastes just like that terrible burger I made at camp. Literally bottom of the barrel, you can buy this bun and burger at a grocery store and make it yourself. Even though it’s bad, it still makes me remember that burger experience of my youth, so I'm not as critical. I think that feeling is similar for most people, at Harvey's you'll be willing to accept a less than exceptional burger when you have absolute freedom when it comes to toppings. The Harvey's topping list is longest one I have reviewed so far; Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ Sauce, Mayo, Franks Red Hot, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Peppers, Relish, Spicy Mesquite, Processed Cheese and Bacon. You can literally have a different burger every time.

The burgers are well cooked and juicy despite their quality and the bun is decisively average. At Harvey's, you come for the experience and stay for the food.

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