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The Hero Burger at Hero Certified Burgers



About the joint

Hero gave many Toronto Derbists their first glimpse of the "new wave" style of burger joint: organic, grass-fed, beef. Premium toppings and fancy cheese. Real dedication to the "craft" of the burger. It was a marked departure from previous offerings like national chains, greasy spoons, and family restos, most offering unimpressive fare, uninspired choices, and frozen warehouse food-supply beef.

Hero is truly a Derbin' Hero.

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The difference a topping can make

by benjamin on August 3rd, 2012

What can I say. Hero makes one of my all time favourite burgs. Now, I have to confess; if I was to compare strictly the bun and patty, Big Smoke would likely edge it out. But what makes the Hero Burger, for me, are two key toppings:

Their Hero Sauce, and their maple chipotle bbq sauce.

The Hero Sauce is a signature topping, and is fantastic. But paired with the optional maple chipotle bbq sauce, the entire burg transforms, becoming greater than the sum of its parts. Very seldom do ingredients on a burg meld so synergistically.



Almost a Great Burg

by basil on February 1st, 2012

Ain't nothing wrong with this burg. They have a very unique bun at Hero C. Burgers. I don't normally care as much about the bun, but this one is worth mentioning. Nice and dense, and smothered in sesame and poppy seeds. Great stuff.

As for the patty - it's great. The first time I had this burg I remember noting that their patty was seasoned as close to my ideal taste as a premade patty was likely to get in a restaurant designed to appeal to the masses. I always prefer a homemade (or handmade) patty though.

I had mine with the hero sauce and the chipotle bbq. They do indeed go well together, but mine was too heavy on the bbq sauce. Could have done with less of that and more hero sauce. My burg was a little on the sweet side.




by theroan on February 1st, 2012

Best of the bigger chains for sure.

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