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The The Double Cheese Burger at Holy Chuck


Holy Chuck



About the joint

Located near Toronto's Downtown 2.0, Holy Chuck brings delicious burgs to the Yonge and St Clair area. Otherwise salvaging a lackluster food location. Their patties are ground from aged steak hourly, have a bunch of interesting toppings, and as far as we can tell, offer nothing but top quality.

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This burg can amuse my bouche anytime

by theroan on August 8th, 2013

This burger is fantastic. It's like biting into a moist stick of butter. Lots of flavour, super tender. Holy Chuck is a top-tier burger joint in Toronto.

I have to deduct some points though. I'll list my qualms:

- It's obvious that they've borrowed from The Burger's Priest

- They don't toast their buns as needed so it gets sloppy

- The cheese kind of takes away from the burger flavour

Overall, it's a great burger that I highly recommend. Their style is very similar to The Burger's Priest. With that in mind, I think the priest does it better. The meat is more flavourful and the bun is done better. Keep in mind that this is nit-picking.

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