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The Madison Burger at Liberty Burgers & Wings


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About the joint

This Markham joint is in a prime location, run by a local, supplied by local farmers (and a local butcher). It's small, with a small staff (a staff of one if you go early enough), who are happy to talk to you about burgers as long as you want.

What isn't small (or local, for that matter) is the burger menu. 12 burgers, most of which are named after neighborhoods or landmarks in New York City, all of which boast 1/2-lb. patties. There are other things on the menu as well that are worth your time and hunger. The sweet potato fries are worth a mention, and the calamari is just about perfect.

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Lots of Potential, but Misses the Mark

by basil on July 30th, 2012

I really wanted to love this burger. Liberty Burgers & Wings is trying to be a point of light in the burger bereft darkness of York Region, and I so very much want it to succeed. Unfortunately, I only liked the Madison Burger, didn't love it.

Everything about it points to a really great burger. The bun is tasty and has a unique, caky consistency, it's got a decent signature sauce (mayo-based), and you can actually see little bits of herbs when you bite into the patty, rare in anything but a homemade burg. The toppings are great - fresh tender veggies, smooth, velvety goat cheese, and well, who can say anything bad about bacon?

The only thing dragging this burg down is the patty. And it doesn't taste bad, it tastes good. But it's dryer than the Devil's dandruff on the hottest day in Hell, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure what the root cause of the problem is. Is the beef too lean? Is it the grill they're using? Is it overcooked? The man I presumed to be the owner seemed very concerned about meeting food safety requirements. Maybe that's part of the problem.

The fact is, other restaurants manage to fully cook their burgs without cooking out the juiciness. If Liberty could do the same, this burg would have jumped by at least a point and a half, maybe even two points.

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