Main Street Burger Shoppe

Main Street Burger Shoppe 8.5/10


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Main Street Burger Shoppe





About the joint

Tucked slightly out of the way off the strip on Main St., Stouffville, this local joint is easy to miss, but well worth the finding. It seems to be primarily a take-out joint, without much in the way of seating, but what seating there is is comfortable. The staff is young, cheerful and friendly, and the decor presented a modern-rustic charm. It emits a warm, familial atmosphere, and it's not unheard of to see kids doing homework in the corner while their big brother or sister works a shift at the grill.

But while the Shoppe itself might be on the quaint side, the menu is anything but. Burgers like "The D.O.A." and "The Hangover" grace the cook top, and patrons are encouraged to "Think More Meat" by adding pulled pork, bacon, pork belly or brisket to their 1, 2, 3, or 4-patty burger (that's 4 oz each, folks). The burger reviews will speak for themselves, but a quick word about the fries. They are, in the opinion of Burger Derby, the ideal when it comes to fresh cut fries. Simple, not too thick or too skinny, and cooked just right. We'd give'em 2 thumbs up but we're too busy eating them.