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Milestones is owned by Cara Foods. Cara Foods owns and operates several other franchises in Canada. Most relevant to the derbist is Harveys (blech) but, of course, they also run Swiss Chalet (meh) and Kelsey's (ew). So, one would expect Milestones to be equally subpar; large scale food service shlock. However, Milestones has managed, somehow, to continue to serve decent food, in a completely tolerable atmosphere! Who knew.

Of course, restaurants with big, diverse menus usually can't get anything right, and often toss a burg or two into the mix cause, after all, if someone can't find something they want a burger will do... and how hard is that to mess up? Turns, out, not hard at all. But again, Milestones has defied the odds, offering up perfectly respectable burgs.

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Amazing (For What it Is)

by basil on July 8th, 2013

This burger is nothing special in the grand scheme of things. Decent bun. I'm pretty sure the patty is from frozen. Toppings were good quality but nothing that blew my mind. The patty had that kind of rubbery quality that factory formed, frozen patties often have which is standard fare for a bar & grill type resto, which Milestones is once you get past the glimmer of atmosphere they paste over that fact.

But for a bar & grill burger, it probably tops the charts. The patty tasted good in spite of being frozen and a little rubbery (and I mean a very little bit rubbery, not like, say, Harvey's).

Overall I enjoyed it, and I'd order it again if I found myself at Milestones again.

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