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The Four Cheese Burger at Milestones





About the joint

Milestones is owned by Cara Foods. Cara Foods owns and operates several other franchises in Canada. Most relevant to the derbist is Harveys (blech) but, of course, they also run Swiss Chalet (meh) and Kelsey's (ew). So, one would expect Milestones to be equally subpar; large scale food service shlock. However, Milestones has managed, somehow, to continue to serve decent food, in a completely tolerable atmosphere! Who knew.

Of course, restaurants with big, diverse menus usually can't get anything right, and often toss a burg or two into the mix cause, after all, if someone can't find something they want a burger will do... and how hard is that to mess up? Turns, out, not hard at all. But again, Milestones has defied the odds, offering up perfectly respectable burgs.

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Are four cheeses even enough?!

by benjamin on July 31st, 2012

Let's not beat around the bun: this is a solid burg, all things considered.

As the joint summary says, family style restos with big menus are never a derbist's first choice. But preconceptions be damned: Milestones did a bang up job with this burg. In fact, it seemed about on par with Canyon Creek's burg. Similar kind of restaurant, similar quality of food.

To start, it came on a pretty good bun; a touch eggy, covered with sesame and poppy seeds. Nice.

The patty was thick and juicy, and there was a distinct flavour of black pepper. Not overpowering, just enough. The patty also had a good char, and I assume it was flame broiled. While I prefer the cooktop, no points off here; as I said, the patty was plenty moist, and had the right amount of "grill" flavour (for those who enjoy the taste of the grill). It was a very "clean" burg, which seems on the mark given Milestones general m.o.

Le fromage. Very tasty cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella, goat, and feta. Of course, soft cheeses tend to sit out in front, especially the goat cheese (which is always miraculous, paired with beef), but the blend was well done. Total mouth party.

But the most miraculous thing? The burg came with lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle... ON THE SIDE! Thank you! THANK YOU Mr Milestone. It's like he knew I was coming. Of course, without haste I flung that insufferable bract of lettuce across the dining room. I flung it with glee, knowing that it had not for a single second come into contact with my burg.

Finally, the burg was garnished some crisp, fried onions, a touch of a roasted garlic mayo, and ketchup (again on the side).

Really, I have no complaints at all with this burg, except for the price: $12.99! A skilled derbist can do a lot with $13. Now, to be fair, the burg did come with seasoned curly fries, but they were a bit blasé. Pass. Of course, being a "nicer" resto, the price point is where one would expect it... and it did come with four cheeses. Still, it seemed a tad overpriced when one considers all the other amazing burgs out there, and doubly so given all the joints that offer never frozen, local, organic, grass-fed beef patties (though I can't say with certainty where exactly Milestones fares in that department).

If you find yourself at Milestones, you will not regret ordering the Four Cheese burg.

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