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The Angus Burger at Mill Street Brewery


Mill Street Brewery



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Nestled within the  Victorian architecture of Toronto's Distillery District, Mill Street is responsible for some of the greatest beers on Canada's craft brewery scene. From inside the brewpup, you're treated to a fantastic view of their brewery's inner workings. While not strictly a joint, Mill Street is a great spot to grab a meal, a beer, or both!

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So close!

by benjamin on March 25th, 2013

I love Mill Street. Their craft-brews are fantastic. Their decor is fantastic. Their pub fare is often very enjoyable. But what of their Angus Burger? Sadly, it's a case of unrealized potential.

I ordered the burger, with some changes: hold the veg, add bacon and cheddar. While this would seem to skew the results, my qualms are quite independant of the toppings. I'll start with the good: their bacon. I don't know what they do at Mill Street, but their bacon is the best I've ever had. Ever. So smokey and flavourful. Their cheddar cheese... outstanding. Great flavour. Their bun? While on the firmer side, it was pretty decent! I believe they get them from Brick Street Bakery. No complaints there.

But it should come as no surprise, the true success of a burg depends on the patty, and here's where Mill Street really has the chance to make massive improvements, with some simple changes.

For starters, the patty was slightly overkooked... just a tad dry. Now, that's not always a deal breaker, but it most certainly is when combined with what is almost always a deal breaker: fillers. The burg had that characteristic "meatball" flavour that is so apparant with patties that are made with fillers like breadcrumbs or egg. Using those ingredients is the surest way to ruin good beef, and they're entirely unneccesary. They distract. They homogonize. They make a dry burger even drier.

When I order a burger, I don't want meatloaf. I want respected, well-prepared beef. I'm convinced that if Mill Street ditched the fillers, and cooked the patty to a correct doneness, they could easily have an 8 or higher on their hands. So close.

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