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No Bull Burgers 7.5/10


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No Bull Burgers





About the joint

Mr Tasty was a greasy spoon. Cheap burgers, poor quality. Probably a great cure for a hangover, but little else. And then, in 2011, No Bull popped up in it's place. Sitting inconspicuously at the north-east corner of Queen and Parliament, No Bull is now a shining beacon for quality burgers in Toronto's downtown core. Their beef is local, organic, ground fresh daily. Their fries and potato chips(!) are cut fresh daily. They have interesting toppings like guacamole and pineapple. Icing on the cake: super friendly staff. This is a quality burger joint.

A noteworthy menu item is their signature "No Bull" burger. It features two patties, cheese, peameal AND strip bacon, with a fried egg. No bull indeed.