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About the joint

South St. Burger Co. is a fast-expanding national joint. Their slogan is "Burgers made well" and that isn't a lie. But more than the burgers, customers are attracted to the clean, modern atmosphere, the trendy design of things like circular metal trays, the thoughtfulness of putting salt and pepper grinder (not shakers!) on every table, and most of all - the fries. New York Fries are a sure hit and that's all South St. serves.

Food comes at a premium, and might be a touch overpriced, but the attention to detail is there, and that's usually worth paying for. The burgers may not rank the highest, but the overall experience is way better than your average chain. You could do a lot worse than South St.

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by theroan on February 23rd, 2012

It's a decent burger but I always the meat to be very dry.



It's the Way They Do the Cheese!

by basil on February 9th, 2012

I've heard a lot of negative babble about South St. Burgers. Burger snobs turn up their noses at the mere mention of the name. It had been a while since I'd had one, having bought into that negative hype, but being a true derbist, I once again ventured into that much besmirched joint for the sake of burger lovers everywhere. And you know what? I had a really good burger. There wasn't really anything wrong with it!

The patty was big (not massive, but big enough at 1/3 lb.) and juicy - if a little lacking in the flavor department. The taste of the grill came through cleanly and that's rarely a bad thing. It's good quality beef, and that comes through too. No complaints there.

The bun, on the other hand, wasn't superfantastic. It was a bit dry, but not a total c-c-c-combo breaker. Also, having to option to get a whole wheat bun is nice, if that's your thing. So not a great bun, but that was the worst of it - just a kinda "meh" bun.

What attracted me to South St. in the first place was the plethora of interesting toppings, from 3 kinds of mayo to guacamole, and all kinds of veggies in between, they've got every taste bud covered. It's the best selection I've come across, and it's all free, that is, included.

What really made this burg for me was the cheese - you get to choose from three kinds of real (not processed) cheese: cheddar, swiss, and monterey jack. I went with cheddar to get the purest cheeseburger experience. What makes a South St. cheeseburger great is that they slap your cheese on the burger wrapper, NEXT TO your bun and then stick the whole thing on a heated surface while they dress your bun with your chosen toppings. So what happens is the cheese starts to melt even before it connects with the hot patty - and when it finally does ... lookout. A perfect cheese & beef combination.

Sure, this isn't a one-of-a-kind gourmet burger, but it deserves better buzz than it gets.

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by jerryalfieri on February 10th, 2012

Cajun Onions, gourmet relish, quac, olives, tomato and lettuce...pure magic!!



by on February 10th, 2012

I just had nuthin to say.

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