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The Double at The Burger's Priest


The Burger's Priest



About the joint

The Burger's Priest is a Toronto favorite, taking home the 3rd place ribbon in the 2012 ZAGAT guide for places to eat in Hogtown. For those not in the know, the ZAGAT guide is based on a survey of regular people - so although probably only people with reasonably good taste care enough to vote, the resulting zeitgeist is still going to be a little bit based on what's popular or faddish at the time. And The Burger's Priest certainly is popular.

Don't expect to have a leisurely sit-down meal. There's next to no seating, and if you're lucky enough to snag a bar stool (God help you if you're there with friends who also need seats), you're likely to get jostled by the 30-odd people standing in line to order. But if you're prepared for all that, then the hungry, happy crowd certainly lends a kind of electricity to the experience.

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Ground Beef and...

by theroan on November 6th, 2012

Edited on 2013/08/08

When I first reviewed The Priest, I was just beginning my burger tasting journey. I was unaware of the ins and outs of what made a great burger. I gave them a 7.7. I have since changed my opinion. After learning and eating a few more burgers, I think that The Burger's Priest deserves the hype. I've tried other joints, even places that have a similar style and TBP definitely stands out. They do their buns right and they have a steak blend that really is full in flavour. 

Top knotch, highly recommened.




by benjamin on April 9th, 2012

It was decent. I'd obv get one again, and clearly they have "their own thing" going on, but the hype is mostly hype. Plenty of better, more interesting and flavourful burgs to be had in Toronto.

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