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The Works





About the joint

The Works is a burger chain with several locations in the Toronto area. Festooned with sheet metal, stencilled lettering, and chain-link fence, The Works feels more like a sports bar that's owned and operated by Bob the Builder, and less like the gourmet burger joint it claims to be. Nothing about their aesthetic really says, "gourmet."

They pulled out all the stops: the washrooms are affectionately named, "Men's Dumping Area" and, "Ladies Waste Removal." Light bulbs are used as salt and pepper shakers. You get the idea.

They offer an overwhelming amount of burgs, and almost as many sides: fresh cut fries,veggies, sweet potato strings, spicy die-cut chips… and one can also upgrade to more spendy sides like poutine or onion rings. The list goes on.

Excess seems to be the name of the game at The Works.