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Just off Yonge Street on College lies W Burger Bar. This clean, modernly appointed joint serves solid burgs, with some interesting options.

Offering organic and grass-fed burgs, W Burger Bar is a true 21st century joint, that every derbist should love.

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by benjamin on August 1st, 2012

I hadn't heard too much buzz about W Burger Bar, but I was eager to check it out, as per the derbist's creed: no burg goes underbed. I had no idea what to expect. No idea what kind of joint I was walking into.

I was pleasantly surprised! A clean, modern set up, with a nice view of the kitchen. I sat down and decided to get regular burger... but I noticed something odd in the menu: it gave me the option to have my burger cooked on grill, or on a cook-top. Wtf?! This is amazing! I've never been given the choice before. Very nice touch. As I prefer burgs from the cook-top, my choice was easy.

I ordered it with goat cheese (which I love, though, I might be getting a bit tired of... cheddar next time), and some sauces on the side: ketchup, chipotle mayo, and a homemade bbq sauce.

Here I must make a note: unlike some lame burger joints, they didn't charge me extra for sauce. I was beside myself with delight! No joint should ever charge extra for sauce, unless it's pure truffle oil with gold flake. Open your purse strings people. Show your customers you actually care about them. +1pt for W Burger Bar. Slight tangent on the sauce: the chipotle mayo and bbq sauce were both good. The bbq sauce reminded me a lot of Sweet Baby Rays. Which, in my book, is a great thing. I just hope it wasn't actually SBR, because the menu did say it was homemade.

So, over came my burg, fresh from the cook top. According to the website, W Burger Bar makes their own buns. Awesome! I thought it was a pretty standard sesame seed bun, but fresh is fresh!

The beef was very unique. It had a slightly gamey flavour, but not in the way that bad beef is gamey. It was a savoury, deep flavour. In fact, the patty itself seemed darker than normal, and it reminded me more of elk. Perhaps it was a marinade? Perhaps – just perhaps – they accidentally served me a bison patty? Even if they made a mistake, I'm not complaining. Whatever I ate was delicious.

The burg came in at $10, and I didn't get any sides, though again, it seems their fries, sweet potato fries and rings are freshly made. Oh well. Next time!

I'm glad I made it out to W Burger Bar. They have a new fan.

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