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The Bacon Deluxe Double at Wendy's





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Wendy's is what it is, no matter how they spin it: a big, corporate fast-food restaurant. Though they've historically been ahead in terms of food quality, in the emerging burger market, they're firmly mediocre. Despite recent attempts to improve their image by designing new, attractive, but more wasteful (a cardboard carton AND a paper wrapper for each burger!?) packaging, Wendy's has failed to keep up even with other slow-moving corporate joints when it comes to atmosphere and hospitality.

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Redhead Redemption

by basil on March 22nd, 2013

My last experience with a Wendy's burg wasn't a good one. This time I went to a different location, ordered a burg more likely to please, and found things to be a bit more to my liking.

Wendy's patties are not bad. They certainly aren't great - they tend to be a little TOO fatty for my taste - but at least they aren't dry and lifeless. They do what they're meant to do. Unfortunately, most of the flavor comes from the seasoning on the patties, rather than the beef itself, but at least the seasoning is pleasant.

Bacon is a major part of this burg - and my first bite raised my expectations. It wasn't too crispy - my usual complaint for bacon on burgs. But sadly, as I ate on, I did find bits that were very crispy.

The cheese is pretty standard on this one. Nothing to see here. But the sauce was a little bit too sweet - again, not unpleasantly so, but sweeter than I'd like.

The burg is a solid 6. But if I could give a separate rating for the joint itself, it'd be lower. I complained about human error and low quality last time. Even at a different location this time, I had a similar issue. Somehow, by some freak accident of physics, three of my french fries were still frozen. WTF Wendy's?

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