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Wendy's is what it is, no matter how they spin it: a big, corporate fast-food restaurant. Though they've historically been ahead in terms of food quality, in the emerging burger market, they're firmly mediocre. Despite recent attempts to improve their image by designing new, attractive, but more wasteful (a cardboard carton AND a paper wrapper for each burger!?) packaging, Wendy's has failed to keep up even with other slow-moving corporate joints when it comes to atmosphere and hospitality.

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Bacon, bacon & more bacon

by benjamin on July 30th, 2012

When it came out, the Baconator met a need that baconphiles have had since time immemorial: there's never enough bacon.


That moment during breakfast when you ask with childlike hope, "Oh, is there more bacon?" only to hear that steely reply, "Nope, I had the last piece," brings a depth of heartbreak we baconphiles know all too well. However, with 8 strips of bacon, the Baconator tried its darndest to fill that need.

All in all it was decent burg. It's actually a personal favourite of mine... even a guilty pleasure. The problem with Wendy's is that their quality control is sub par. One day the burg is exquisite, the next not so hot. It seems to vary widely by location too.

If Wendy's would just do some better god-derbed QC, this could be the best burg offered from a national chain (Five Guys notwithstanding).

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