Getting Started as a Derbist

Getting Started as a Derbist

Written by

Basil Godevenos

Posted On

January 27th, 2012

Tips & resources to get you derbing burgs today

You're here. You love burgers. You want to participate in building the best burger resource the Internet has EVER seen. But how? Where to begin?

Derbing burgs is a lot easier than you think. Just get thee to a burgery and order a burger. Snap a photo of it if you feel like it, then eat the hell out of it. The hop on (get signed up if you're not already) and click the big "Rate a Burger" button on the right side bottom of the site home page. Sometimes it helps to take notes while you're enjoying your burger - but maybe you're not quite THAT hardcore (you should be, but maybe you aren't).

You want your first official derb to be a memorable one. You don't want just any old burg. There are a couple of ways you can approach this. If you're here, you like burgers enough that you might already have a favorite burger - or one you know well enough to use as a baseline for all your future derbing. Why not grab that burger right now and derb it? Or maybe you want to try something new, but guaranteed to be pretty good. Well, if you're in or near Toronto, the birthplace of Burger Derby, then you're in luck. The folks over at BlogTO have put together a few lists of joints to get you headed in the right direction.

Toronto's Best Burgers - this list is the list that inspired the contenders in Burger Derby 2011. It's a burger gourmand's velvet beef dream. An orgy of premium ingredients and unique recipes served in venues with atmosphere to spare. There may be no better place to start your career as a burger derbist than with this list.

Toronto's Old School Burgers - if the burger of your dreams is also a potential leading hangover cure, this might be your list. These are the greasy spoon burgers like the ones we grew up with. Some of them actually ARE the ones we grew up with. If you want to derb a no frills burg, look no further, here's a bunch of 'em.

Toronto's Best Cheeseburgers - maybe cheese is your thing. Maybe you can't get enough of it. Maybe you want some gooey cheddar dripping down your chin, sliding on a slick of burger grease. You'll see some repeat performances from the first two lists on this one. At Burger Derby, we see cheese as a very important part of a burger - if you feel the same way, I doubt this list will steer you wrong.

There are plenty of great burgers just waiting to be rated. We've already got a bunch of them in our database - but if you don't find yours, just add it!