Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Bacon?

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Bacon?

Written by

Basil Godevenos

Posted On

April 20th, 2012

Tokyo man orders 1050 slices of bacon on his burg

Mr. Sato, a reporter for Rocket News 24 in Tokyo, definitely had it his way at a Tokyo Burger King. He ordered a whopper with 1050 slices of bacon on it, winning the WTF!? award for 2012 with a resounding arterial clog.

The ridiculous burger was possible because Tokyo Burger Kings were offering 15 slices of bacon added to your burg for only ¥100. Maybe they heard about Wendy’s ousting BK in the States and this deal was an attempt at retaliation, or maybe they just decided they had too many pigs. Either way – look out Baconator, there’s a new king in the world of bacon burgs.

Let’s get some figures together. One pound of bacon typically boasts 16 slices at one ounce each. 1050 slices of bacon (1050 oz) is about 65 lbs when it’s uncooked. I’m sure Mr. Sato is thankful that bacon loses the majority of its bulk during the cooking process. But the most amazing statistic you’ll want to pull out at parties and/or Weight Watchers meetings is that you’d need to slaughter two whole pigs to get that much of the Internet’s favorite meat.

Read the article on BoingBoing if you want all the deets. And watch the video if you still wanted a Big Mac after watching Super Size Me.