Newness is New

Newness is New

Written by

Basil Godevenos

Posted On

March 18th, 2013

Burger Derby 2.0

As you can see we've made a few changes around here. Things look different, feel different, smell different (or maybe that's just me). The point is, Burger Derby is about a zillion times more awesome than it was before (nine out of ten awesologists agree).

We basically rebuilt the whole site from the ground up making it more powerful, more agile, more portable, more attractive, and way better at its job. We did to what science will be able to do to you in about 35 years. Let's run through the changes.

  • We built Burger Derby 2.0 on the CakePHP framework (we figured if you like burgers, you probably like cake too - also who doesn't like cake!?). It was originally built on Wordpress, but Wordpress isn't really designed to do the things we want Burger Derby to do. It was just too clunky, too slow, and wouldn't scale well as we continue to grow. So, we decided to start completely from scratch. Using a framework like Cake allowed us to make the site more responsive and better able to handle larger volumes data being thrown at it. More users, more burgers, more joints, and eventually, more cities. Together, we will eventually derb the world!
  • We added a heck of a lot of functionality to the site to make it way more useful to derbists, like geolocation. Burger Derby now tells you exactly where the best burgers are based on your current location - and hooks up quite flirtatiously with Google Maps so you can find your way to your next derb.
  • We gave the site a slick new look that transitions seamlessly from your desktop to your mobile device, so now you can take Burger Derby with you next time you devour a delicious burg - and you can tell us how it was right from the restaurant!
  • Speaking of telling us how your burg was, we've now given users like you the ability to add burgs that aren't in our database to existing joints. You won't have to wait for us to add your burg anymore.
  • Last of all, we've added the Smoke and Ash themes. You can choose your preferred theme for the whole site at the bottom of every page. Try them out - they're free kids!

So welcome to the all new Burger Derby - take the site for a spin, derb like a crazy person, and tell your friends about us. Oh, and although we've tested the site right up to the dripping red rims of its caffeine-addled eyeballs, we're only human. So if you see something, say something. Shoot us an email if the site misbehaves and we'll get Cecil, the bipolar, cigarette-addicted code monkey, working on it.

As always, Derb On, Burger Derbists!