Refining the Derb

Refining the Derb

Written by

Basil Godevenos

Posted On

April 13th, 2012

A new ruling makes all pecorans derb-worthy

We've been doing a lot of thinking about what a burger is, and what constitutes a derb-worthy burg. You may have noticed the recent review of BarVolo's Elk Burger, a burg made from non-bovine meat. This would seem to be outside the original limit on what we considered a true burger which, of course, included all beef burgers, as well as some exotic burgs like buffalo and bison burgers. That seemed like a reasonable border to establish for our realm of delicious burgers. It kept out the sandwiches of the world, posturing as burgers - the chicken, the turkey, the *gasp* veggie. All these imposters offer a fundamentally different gastronomic experience from the traditional beef hamburger. The textures and basic flavors cannot ever hope to be in the same category as a burger made from red meat. And there we had (at least part of) our answer.

In opening up the Derb to red meat we realized we'd have to draw a finer line somewhere. After all, would we include ostrich meat, or horse meat, both of which are red? Certainly not. A little research on The Wikipedias pointed to the solution. The infraorder of animals, pecora, would be where the line could reasonably be drawn. Put simply, animals with both hooves and horns (or antlers) can be made into hamburgers. Animals that fall outside those requirements are ingredients for sandwiches, not burgs.

Enjoy your elk, venison, or even giraffe burgers (unless that's illegal - we're not up to speed on what animals are endagered in Africa) for they all may be derbed with confidence!