Toronto's Bronze Burger

Toronto's Bronze Burger

Written by

Basil Godevenos

Posted On

February 16th, 2012

The priest upsets the Zagat Survey

The Burger’s Priest won third place in the 2012 Toronto ZAGAT Survey. No, not the ZAGAT burger survey – as far as we know, they don’t do one. The Priest won the bronze medal for all of Toronto’s food.

Let’s repeat that. The ZAGAT Survey, one of the most prestigious crowd-sourced dining guides in North America, placed a burger joint in the top three spots to get fed in Toronto. Two things can be extrapolated from this fact.

  1. Burgers are being legitimized as a high quality gastric experience.
  2. Toronto makes some damned good burgers.

Both of these are extremely encouraging things to know for a derbist in the Toronto area. And it’s also encouraging to know that foodies in Toronto care that much about burgers.

Here’s a CTV interview with Shant Mardirosian, the owner of The Burger’s Priest.

What the ZAGAT Survey does for restaurants is exactly what Burger Derby is doing for burgers. We’ve thrown out other kinds of food, we’ve even thrown out the restaurant itself, instead letting you rate and review individual burgers. So you, the community of derbists, are tasked with telling the world where to find the best possible burger, and what to order when they get there.